From carefully selected granite and marble to finely crafted limestone and onyx, our stone countertops are expertly derived from nothing but the highest-grade materials:


Granite is an important structural and ornamental stone, and due to its high compressive strength and durability, it is used for massive structural work. Fine-grained granite is employed for ornamental and monumental work as well as for inscription purposes. It is the hardest of structural stones. It’s mineral-rich colors, hardness and density, make it an ideal choice for flooring, stone counter tops, vanities as well as exterior applications. A broad range of elegant patterns and colors makes granite the most versatile and durable of all stones. With proper care, its beauty can last a lifetime.


Marble has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance. Marbles are formed from limestone or dolomite that has undergone enough heat and pressure to get metamorphosis into a crystalline structure. Texture of marble depends on the form size and uniformity of grains. The chemical constituents of marble determine the color of the marble. Generally, calcite and dolomite marbles are of pure white color. Variations of whiteness of pure marbles are due to the mixture of foreign substances.


Onyx has a unique and great look but is seldom used as stone countertops in high traffic areas. Onyx is a strikingly dramatic stone that comes in pastel colors and swirling patterns but scratches more easily and quicker than other tougher stones. Onyx is translucent and is often backlit to take advantage of this unique property. Onyx is a calcareous stone, formed by dissolving limestone and re-deposited as a new kind of stone and usually has a mesh material on the back to hold the stone together indicating its fragileness.


The muted tones of limestone are perfect for today’s more casual and comfortable lifestyles. Generally these soft beiges and tans, either polished or honed, are appropriate for bathrooms, fireplaces, counters and less-traveled flooring where a more informal decor is desired. Limestones are sedimentary rocks that are formed at the bottom of lakes and seas, as silt and organic matter settle to the bottom.


The Coliseum in Rome, having stood for over 2000 years, is perhaps the most famous travertine structure in the world. Travertine is commonly used outside as cladding and pavement, as well as inside floor, walls, and stone countertops. Travertine is generally filled with cement before it is honed or polished, which results as a uniform surface more like other marbles.

Man Made Quartz and Recycled Glass

Made with 93% quarts and recycled products this material carries a warranty from the manufacturer to be scratch-resistant, stain resistant, and offered in an array of contemporary colors. Maintenance and care of stone countertops of this material are easy with just the use of a soft sponge or dishcloth with warm water or all purpose cleaners for more stubborn or greasy clean-ups.
Here at PC we are certified by many suppliers of quartz, granite, and marble to fabricate and install such excellent fixtures.

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